A range of missions,
customizable and scalable

To help you take stock of your problems and issues;
allowing you to define a strategy and means of implementation.

Our goal: 

help you transform a strategy, a vision or an objective into an operational action plan

Our missions:

Cach assignment includes a deliverable highlightingThe data collected will be used to assess the impact of the project, the short and medium term choices and options, as well as the added value of the data collected in a long-term approach.


Energy transition

Support for the transition to electric vehicles, choice of vehicles, implementation of charging stations

  • Fleet usage analysis: daily distance, distance of trips, etc.
  • Mobility law: number of vehicles whose contract expires by 01/03/2022, calculation of the number of vehicles affected by the mobility law
  • Deliverable: Analysis, recommendations and impact on Car Policy


Implementation of new mobilities

Carpooling, carsharing, new mobilities...
overview of possibilities

  • Car-sharing: rate and frequency of use and recommendations for adapting the car-sharing fleet
  • Vehicle use: typology and highlighting of non-use
  • Deliverable: Analysis and recommendations for adapting the car-sharing fleet


Reduction of thecarbon footprint 

Analysis and recommendations on reducing your carbon footprint

  • Calculation of an Eco-index for the fleet and by assignment center/geolocation group
  • Comparison with the average score of drivers on all platforms
  • Distribution of trips > 5 km with more than 10 eco-driving events (braking, acceleration, sharp turns)
  • TCO analysis
  • Vehicle usage: typology and highlighting of non-usage
  • Deliverable: Analysis and recommendations for adapting the car-sharing fleet


Fleet optimization 

Analysis and recommendations on Carpolicy, rolling laws, contracts....

  • Analysis of rolling laws
  • Anticipation of renewals
  • Analysis of non-contracted interviews
  • Analysis of interviews (conducted or not)
  • Analysis of average return costs (compared to a benchmark)
  • Analysis of fuel consumption / tolls
  • Analysis of washing costs
  • TCO analysis
  • Deliverable: Analysis and recommendations for adaptation