The Data Hub
of a great wealth

By definition, data mining is the process of analyzing massive volumes of data from various sources in order to translate them into useful and exploitable information.

Applied to the automotive world, the vocation of Data Mining remains the same: to collect and analyze numerous and varied data in order to restore them in the form ofuseful and simplified information... this is the vocation of our exclusively rich Data Hub!

Data for to inform your decisions

You must take decisions related to the choice and use of your vehicles :

  • How electrify your fleet ?
  • How reduce GHG emissions ?
  • Is it possible to share part of the fleet ?
  • Does it make sense to offer certain employees a package or a mobility credit ?

Without reliable data on the actual use of your vehicles, analysis becomes tricky and decision making hazardous. For example, the distance and number of trips, stop times, and recurring parking locations are particularly sensitive data in the context of a fleet electrification plan.

Axis of analysisData setType of recommendation
Electrically compatible use
Hybrid compatible use
ECOCONDUITYEvaluation of the driver's behaviour
Positioning of one driver / the other
Target population
Type of awareness campaign to be implemented
CONSUMPTION AND GESCO2 and fuel emissions / vehicleAnalysis of discharges by make/model Engine
Behavioral weight
Daily mileage
Preferred type of mobility package / mobility credit
Target population
TAXATIONBreakdown of private and professional kilometersActual usage vs. URSSAF flat rate
NEA Rationale
Examples of data collected and concrete uses/impacts

Two collection solutions: Plug & Collect and Data Collection

Plug & Collect: the ephemeral connected

For companies not equipped with an on-board telematics solution, we have designed "PLUG & COLLECT": a hardware and software solution that allows you to collect and analyze data related to the use of vehicles of all or part of your fleet for a specific period of time.

Data Collection: the versatile connector

#1. For companies equipped with an on-board telematics solutionWe have designed APIs to connect to your current solution and extract the relevant data for the chosen mission.

#2. For companies with vehicles pre-equipped with manufacturer's telematic units (we have official approvals for the brands Peugeot, Citro├źn, DS, Renault, Dacia, Opel), we collect data directly from the pre-installed boxes.