Big data to understand
the new challenges of car fleets and of employee mobility.

The collection of automotive, financial and contextual data, combined with algorithms developed by our data scientists, allows the implementation of connected missions. These missions, managed and reported by our experts, provide enlightened answers to all the questions raised by technological changes or the emergence of new regulatory and environmental constraints.

With more than 15 years of expertise in fleet management, collection and use of automotive data, we have designed an exclusive offer to help fleet managers benefit from reliable and accurate indicators to guide decision-making while reconciling economic and environmental aspects.

The main topics covered by our connected missions:

  • Application of LOM texts and Climate in the company?
  • Integration of hybrid or electric vehicles ?
  • Current uses fleets and their mutualization ?
  • Alternatives to the company car ?

Connected missions to raise
the new challenges of car fleets

LOM, ZFE, Climate Law and Resilience... New environmental constraints are multiplying in the face of the climate emergency. To help you meet these challenges, we have designed missions in line with your current issues. Following a rigorous study, we deliver our recommendations on the chosen theme(s).

Our connected missions

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optimization of
the footprint