Entrust the management of your fleet to experts

Rigorous fleet management requires considerable technical and human resources.
To allow you to focus on your business, Optimum Data Mining offers you to take charge of the technical, administrative and financial management of your vehicle fleet as well as the operational management of your drivers.
Our fleet management experts work to optimize all components of your fleet and report to you, on a regular basis, on the actions taken and the progress made.

Management financial

The vehicle fleet is often the second largest expense item for companies after salaries. Our experts analyze in detail all the costs and undertake actions to reduce your TCO*.

  • Calculation and permanent optimization of the fleet's TCO
  • Calculation and analysis of the PRK (cost price per kilometre)
  • Car Policy Analysis
  • Analysis of acquisition methods (long-term rental, purchase, leasing)
  • Advice on tax benefits
  • Control of supplier invoices
  • Analysis and negotiation of contracts

* Total Cost of Ownership

Management administrative

Our experts take care of all the current administrative management

  • Calculation and management of the TVS
  • Management of fines
  • Follow-up and management of technical controls
  • Administrative management of claims and incidents
  • Monitoring of driving laws and renewal of vehicles

Management technique

Our experts ensure a rigorous technical management of your fleet to maintain your vehicles in perfect condition.

  • Supervision of the rolling laws with regard to the manufacturer's maintenance plans
  • Management and negotiation of supplier contracts (tires, maintenance, oil tankers, etc.)
  • Continuous updating of your fleet and vehicle assignments
  • Control of fuel consumption (invoice reconciliation)
  • Follow-up and management of repairs and refurbishments

Management drivers

Our customer service is open 24 hours a day,
to take care of your drivers' requests

  • Incoming call reception
  • Referral to contracted suppliers
  • Management and follow-up of interventions
  • Breakdown and accident assistance
  • Reservation of replacement vehicles